Monday, May 17, 2004

Don't be conned by Galloway

George Galloway has produced a leaflet (PDF) which claims he is a fighter for the rights of Muslims.

What Galloway doesn't say is that he has supported and excused the deaths of thousands of Muslims:

1. He justified his pal Saddam Hussein's slaughter of Shia Muslims by saying they were a "fifth column", who were guilty of not wanting a war with their Muslim neighbours in Iran.

2. He justified Saddam's invasion of Muslim Kuwait
by saying that Kuwait belongs to a "Greater Iraq". Thousands of Muslims died after Saddam started a war by invading Kuwait.

3. He opposed Britain's role in saving the Muslims of Kosovar from the Serbian death squads. He would have let Slobodan Milosevic's thugs wipe out the ethnic Albanian Muslims.

Galloway is an apologist for suicide bombers and terrorists such as Hamas who have been condemned by mainstream Muslims everywhere.

Muslims - beware of false friends. They only want your vote. Don't vote for dictators.