Friday, May 28, 2004

News: Party founder turns against Galloway

Guardian columnist and political activist George Monbiot, who helped in the creation of the RESPECT Unity Coalition, has turned against the party and is now backing the Greens.

RESPECT's decision to stand against Green Party candidates angered many environmentalists and peace activists and led Monbiot to quit Galloway's party earlier in the year.

Monbiot said:

"I cannot continue to belong to a party which stands against the Greens in the European elections, particularly as this might endanger the seats of two of the best elected representatives in Britain: Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert."

RESPECT likes to pretend that they have the backing of enviromentalists and peace activists but read what the Green Party has to say about that:

(It is not) strictly true to say the new party "grew out of the anti-war coalition."

The Stop the War Coalition is much broader than Respect, and includes the Green Party and many non-party political groups and individuals in its membership.

Respect, on the other hand, was effectively set up by the hard-left revolutionary Socialist Workers Party and George Galloway MP. The meetings that launched it were organised and largely dominated by SWP leaders and supporters. The SWP has described itself as the "organisational backbone" of Galloway's party. And one of the SWP's leaders - now a Euro-candidate for Respect - has located what Respect is trying to achieve within the "broad front" theory of the Trotskyist tradition.

So let's not give undue credit to George Galloway's claim that he represents the anti-war choice or the social justice vote. He represents a party founded on Trotskyism.

The Greens have sussed RESPECT.

Don't be conned by Galloway. Vote for a democratic party.