Wednesday, March 30, 2005

First result

The main aim of Respect Watch is to provide ordinary voters and campaigners against RESPECT with real information about the organisation but of course we are always pleased if newspapers and other media take our information and give it a wider audience.

The Scotsman appears to have done just today as they contacted Craig Murray to ask him whether he was now backed by RESPECT.

Respect woos whistleblower standing against Jack Straw


THE anti-war party Respect is hoping to woo a former ambassador-turned-whistleblower to stand as its candidate against Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary.

Edinburgh-born Craig Murray was recalled as ambassador to Uzbekistan after he highlighted concerns about human rights abuses under the regime.

He has now vowed to try to oust Mr Straw as an anti-war candidate in his Blackburn constituency, which has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country.

Last night, he said he was still standing as an independent candidate, but was "grateful" for the "support" of Respect, the party of rebel MP George Galloway.

Mr Murray told The Scotsman: "Respect have said they will back me because they support my stance on the war and my human rights work."

Given this development, we will now be including coverage of Craig Murray's activities in Blackburn as part of our monitoring work.