Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Galloway Gaffe over 'Syrian' lunch

George Galloway is to hold a Respect fundraising dinner at a Lebanese restaurant in London but we have to wonder what kind of reception he will get from the Lebanese community after an embarassing and revealing gaffe.

The Al Waha restaurant in Notting Hill is rated as one of the top Lebanese restaurants in London and prides itself on serving traditional Lebanese dishes.

But the invite to Galloway's bash states: Enjoy a Syrian Sunday lunch.

Coming at a time when millions of Lebanese have been on the streets demanding Syria's occupying arming finally leave Lebanon, Galloway's gaffe is likely to infuriate voters of Lebanese origin in London.

Even those Lebanese who still support Syria's collapsing occupation of their country are unlikely to take kindly to having Lebanese culture simply described as 'Syrian'.

But such a gaffe is no surprise given that Galloway is a supporter of Syria's illegal occupation of Lebanon which flies in the face of UN resolutions.

Galloway recently said that he "cheered" a pro-Syrian demonstration in Beirut.

He said:

"I'm no friend of the Syrian regime, but Syrian troops in Lebanon maintain stability...."

We wonder how many of London's Lebanese community agree?