Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just what has he been doing?

Galloway wants to represent the people of Bethnal Green and Bow in parliament and is promising to "fight for local people".

Luckily for voters we already know what kind of constituency MP Galloway is and thanks to They Work For You we can compare his record with that of sitting Labour MP Oona King.

So, lets start off with contributions to parliamentry debates.

Oona King spoke in 15 debates in the last year. George Galloway did not speak once.

Oona King asked 90 written questions in the last year. Galloway did not ask a single question in the last year. None.

Oona King has attended 64% of votes in parliament while George Galloway has attended, wait for it, a grand total of three percent.

We wonder if the people of Glasgow Kelvin have any clue why their MP missed 97% of votes in parliament and never managed to ask a question on their behalf?