Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The strange case of the Sedgefield Stripper


GEORGE GALLOWAY has lent his support to a 60-year-old former Benny Hill girl who is standing against Prime Minister Tony Blair in his Sedgefield constituency.

Galloway's RESPECT party are not planning to stand a candidate in Sedgefield but were expected to back Reg Keys, the father of a soilder killed in Iraq, who appeared on a recent Stop the War platform.

But according to a report in the Express, Galloway has instead been advising seventies pin-up girl Cherri Gilham on how to run a campaign.

The Express reported:

Miss Gilham, 60, who is the only candidate being fielded by the Pensioners Party, has a spring in her step after being fully briefed by "Gorgeous" George Galloway - the energetic Glasgow Kelvin MP who was expelled from the Labour Party.

"I said to George, 'Teach me all you know about politics'. And he did!" twinkles Cherri, whose charms have previously excited the Marquess of Bath, Omar Sharif and - for one night only - Sylvester Stallone.

Cherri has even legally changed her surname to Blairout-Gilham.

Respect Watch suggests Galloway's allies in the Socialist Worker Party and the Muslim Association of Britain could hold a fundraising night by gathering round to watch her 1974 'classic' Confessions of a Sex Maniac.

She likes a man with a tan. Galloway's new ally Cherri Gilham pictured with LA crooner Buddy Greco.