Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Welcome back!

After our successful campaigning during the European elections last year, when we helped to alert the public to the true nature of George Galloway's Coalition, we have decided to relaunch the site for the upcoming election.

As before we will focus on news and analysis bringing together reports on Respect activities from around the country.

To do that effectively we need your help.

If Respect are standing a candidate in your area, keep an eye on their publicity and the local press statements of their candidates and send them into us at our email. Also recommend this site to any family or friends who might be toying with the idea of voting for Respect. They can get the truth about Respect here without Galloway's spin.

We are an independent site with our only advice to voters being to DON'T VOTE RESPECT, VOTE FOR A DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE. So whatever your party affiliations, or even if you don't have any, feel free to help us campaign against Respect.

By the way George Galloway is appearing on BBC's Question Time on Thursday and Respect Watch plans to have supporters in the studio audience. Watch out for our questions!