Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Who are RESPECT?

So you have had a leaflet from RESPECT The Unity Coalition put through your door and you've come on the internet to find out more about this group. Thankfully you have found our website where we tell you the truth, with no George Galloway spin.

So, just who are RESPECT?

You may have noticed RESPECT leafleting your area or campaigning in your town centre. If you ask them who they are they will always tell you that they are a 'new organisation' born from the 'anti-war movement' and that they represent a 'new left-wing alternative'.

In fact there is nothing new about RESPECT at all.

The organisation is controlled by the far-left Socialist Workers Party along with former Labour MP George Galloway and some Muslim supporters.

The Socialist Workers Party were not 'anti-war' or peace campaigners at all. Instead they supported Saddam and his secret police cronies in the war and they now support the anti-Shia Muslim terrorist groups who have been murdering Iraqi civilians and blowing up Mosques.

Here in Britain, the SWP are opposed to parliamentry democracy and in their party documents talk of replacing our democratic structures with a dictatorship - they would be the dictators of course.

George Galloway's admiration for Saddam is well-known and he has close links to other dictatorships and conservative regimes in the Middle East. He admits his political campaigns have been funded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Although he might leave the impression that he has converted to Islam, Galloway is in fact a Roman Catholic. He also revels in a playboy reputation with his cigars, flash suits and holiday home in Portugal. He says he can't operate on less than £150,000 a year although plenty of people in Bethnal Green and Bow, who he wants to kid into voting for him, have to make do with a fraction of that.

He has been kicked out of the Labour Party and RESPECT was the way for him to try and keep his parliamentry income flowing.

Many of the Muslim supporters of RESPECT have come from the ranks of the Arab dominated Muslim Association of Britain. MAB is not a mainstream British Muslim group and is not to be confused with the Muslim Council of Great Britain. It is, in fact, the British wing of the fundamentalist Arab-based Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in a number of Muslim countries.

So RESPECT is nothing new.

All that unites them is opposition to democratic rights and freedoms.

That is why we say - don't vote for friends of dictators.