Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Would you vote for this man?

George Galloway claims to represent the anti-war left but in fact many left-wingers who opposed the war want nothing to do with him.

The left-wing anti-war group Alliance for Workers Liberty have published an article on Galloway simply titled: Would you vote for this man?

The Alliance article questions, among other things, Galloway's claim to be a 'rebel' in the Labour Party:

In the 1997–2001 parliament Galloway rebelled against Blair in just five votes out of 665, 0.8%. (For comparison: Jeremy Corbyn rebelled 77 times, and John McDonnell 72.)

Galloway has only attended 19 parliamentary votes since April 2003. Too busy taking time out in his villa in Portugal, writing his autobiography, fixing up his next book (on Fidel Castro), or swanning around the Middle East? Maybe. But why should anyone want to vote for him to be an MP?

Note: Respect Watch depends on our readers to pass on to us articles like this from more obscure sources. Thanks are due to 'Sonic' - a commenter at the Harry's Place blog for his assistance in this case.