Monday, April 11, 2005

Galloway plays the race card

The word 'communalism' has often been used to describe Respect's appeal to Muslims to vote as Muslims but now Galloway has gone way beyond that and played the race card against black MP Oona King:

"Oona King voted to kill a lot of women in the last few years," he replied. "Many of them had much darker skins than her."

Whatever one thinks about the Iraq war this is gutter politics of the most rancid, divisive and dangerous kind.

There are only two parties in this election who seek to divide people along racial lines, who try to win votes on the basis of their ethnic identity - they are the BNP and RESPECT.

They both need to be rejected at the polls - by black and white voters by Jew, Christian and Muslim. We cannot allow this filth to be rewarded in an election.

Vote for democratic parties and parties that support policies of bringing people together. Say no to the politics of racial and religious division.

Kick Galloway out of parliament.