Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Galloway's appalling record in parliament comes under scrutiny again:

Hain described the Commons attendance of Mr Galloway, who was Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin until he was expelled from the party over Iraq, as “appalling”.

He said that in his last year as an MP, Mr Galloway missed more than 97% of Commons votes, never spoke in Parliament and did not ask any questions.

Votes he did not take part in included making incitement to religious hatred a crime on February 7, another for the new legislation to control dangerous drugs on February 22 and one to condemn the treatment of Iraqi prisoners on May 17 last year, Mr Hain said.

“He took part in less than three per cent of votes and was often on foreign jaunts,” he added.

“This is the record of a playboy politician.

“It’s the equivalent of working one day a month and then collecting a full pay packet.”