Monday, April 11, 2005

Speaking for the dead

Last week was the fifth anniversary of the death of former Labour MP Bernie Grant.

George Galloway marked the occassion with a column in a RESPECT tabloid (pdf) in Tottenham which sought to convince the voters that Bernie Grant, if he were still alive, would be supporting RESPECT and not the Labour Party.

The fact is that Bernie Grant was a Labour Party member until his death and had no record of supporting any political party other than Labour.

What gives Galloway the right, five year's after Grant's tragic death, to give political endorsements on his behalf?

What gives Galloway the right to transfer Bernie Grant's political loyalties from the Labour Party he supported all his life to RESPECT candidates?

How sick can you get, trying to claim the support of a man who died five years ago, for your cause?

Galloway should hang his head in shame.