Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Tasks of a Mercedes (Part Two)

George Galloway may leave his Mercedes well out of view of the residents of Bethnal Green and Bow but as he said on Thursday (see post below) he needs to drive a Merc because it "performs the tasks" other cars can't.

We at Respect Watch have been wondering what 'tasks' Galloway might need this luxury car for?

Perhaps for a quick get away when he is faced with a victim of his pal Saddam Hussein's bloody dictatorship?

This is from a report of an attempt by an Iraqi Kurdish woman tortured by Saddam's secret police murderers to meet Galloway:

For someone who happily consorts with a brutal dictator who has murdered people for just smiling at the wrong time, George Galloway was curiously frightened by a demure Iraqi Kurdish woman last week.

"I am very suspicious of you," George Galloway hissed down the phone to Freshta Raper, a 37-year-old exile and mother of one. "I have a gut feeling about you. What do you want to ask me?"

.....Mr Galloway refused to meet Mrs Raper when she initially asked, through The Telegraph, if he would agree to a formal interview to discuss Saddam's treatment of the Kurds.

So, like all good activists, she went to his Westminster office to question him informally. Mr Galloway ducked down into an underground passage when he saw her waiting and drove off in his Mercedes.

Useful vehicle eh?

By the way, the Kurdish woman finally did get to speak to Galloway on the phone. Here is the conversation:

"I just want to ask you about Saddam Hussein's human rights record," said Mrs Raper. "As a Western politician, have you ever tried to discuss this in Iraq?"

"I don't have to answer that question," said Mr Galloway defiantly, before adding: "Don't you dare contact me again. If you go to my house again I will have you thrown out and call the police."

Would you want a coward like that as your local MP?