Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tracey Emin snubs Respect

Pop on to the official site of Respect and you'll find a link to an article by artist Tracey Emin talking about how much she likes living in the East End of London and mentioning that she is "disappointed with Oona King".

The obvious inference is that Emin is backing Respect. We have also heard that some SWP activists have been putting the word around that Emin is indeed supporting George Galloway.

That came as a surprise to us given that Emin has made no secret of how she was sickened by the bully-boy tactics of Galloway campaigners in the past. (See our story here)

Now Emin has been so annoyed by these claims that she has spoken out in a column in the Independent (subscription only):

For the record, for anybody who lives in Bow or Bethnal Green, in fact for anyone in the world, I do not support George Galloway or the Respect Party. And for that matter, at this moment, no particular party.

Respect have been trawling the East End in search of a celebrity endorsement and all they have managed to come up with is a retired Scottish Stalinist.

Hopefully there will be another retired Scottish Stalinist by around 2am on Friday.